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In 2010, I started PTCA as a College Choice and Success Counselor. My vision is to help students make the most of high school and college in order to become better prepared for their 20s. My mission is to help students plan their high school curriculum and activities, progress through the college application process toward their best college fit, then support their journey through college. I am passionate about helping young people pursue their dreams, identify possible paths, and then earn a degree.

I am certified by the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners and have two master’s degrees in education. In 2020, I completed graduate studies in School Counseling and Preventive Mental Health, from Creighton University. My first master’s degree is in College Student Personnel Administration, from Indiana University. My bachelor’s degree included majors in sociology and psychology, from Creighton University.

I was first inspired to assist college bound students after receiving assistance from an educational consultant during high school. I later served in higher education for six years as a student affairs administrator, including roles as a Career Counselor, Assistant Resident Dean, and Residential Coordinator. During this time, I also served as an academic adviser, academic and personal counselor, and diversity educator. Download my full resume here.

I have been married to Kimberly Hawes, a school principal, since 2002, and have two daughters, Sierra and Sage. 

Published writings

Preparing For and Transitioning to College
Northwest Mom Magazine, Fall 2015

Support for Clients After High School
Independent Educational Consultants Association, October 2014

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As an Independent Educational Consultant, my principal mission is to help students plan their high school curriculum, progress through the college application process, and navigate their college journey through graduation. - Sean P. Hawes