Since 2010, I’ve had the opportunity to help over 250 students navigate their high school and college journey to pursue their dreams.

Sean was a good advocate for my daughter in navigating the confusing and stressful process of college decision-making. He is a wealth of knowledge and ideas. He sometimes asked hard questions and pushed when he needed to. But most of all, he was there for my daughter (and for me!) as she made one of the most important and expensive decisions of her life. Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement! 

—J.K. Parent

Thank you, Sean, for your support and positive attitude while helping me navigate the stress of high school, college applications, and turbulent family dynamics. You thought of solutions and opportunities I would never have imagined and gave me hope and clarity in challenging times. You gave me the tools to overcome adversity and helped rekindle optimism and strength within me. I look forward to our continued discussions as I start the next phase of my education!

—L.J. High School Student

Thank you so much for the graduation card! Even throughout college, I have felt deeply supported by you both in my academic achievements and hardships and also in my personal endeavors as well. I appreciate the immense role you’ve played in my life and know I wouldn’t be where I am today without your guidance, encouragement, and support. I can’t wait for what the future holds and will be sure to keep you updated on what’s next for me!  

—K.D. College Graduate

Thank you so much for all of your help these past months. I have gone from stressing about which college I want to attend to being confident in my academic skills and abilities. I am confident that I am now capable of choosing a future for myself. Although this is your job, you put so much passion into what you do and that it is really comforting to know that all my concerns and questions will be answered. Thank you again so much for helping me plan out my academic future. I am more ecstatic than I ever thought I would be to tour colleges because I know there are programs out there that will be the best fit for me.

K.B. Transfer Student

Sean goes above and beyond for his clients, and I would highly recommend his services. Using a variety of personalized exercises, Sean helped me identify the best graduate programs for my career goals, ensured that I crafted the strongest application materials possible, and provided me with the support I needed to ultimately choose a program to attend. With Sean’s help, I was admitted to every program I applied to, and received a number of funding offers. Sean is knowledgeable, honest, genuinely kind, and invests a great deal of energy in the success of his clients.

—K.S. Graduate Student


We have been working with Sean Hawes for the past 4 years. He has provided us with very important information during this time regarding course selection and scheduling. With his help we were able to make decisions in a timely manner and capitalize on all the opportunities that were available to our children during their high school and university experiences.

One of the most critical benefits of working with Sean has been the ability for him to say all the things that a parent wants to say to their children, but are unable to do. Sean was able to encourage our children to commit to taking classes that challenged their abilities and to get involved with activities that provided them opportunities to grow as young adults. Procuring the services of Sean has been a very critical element to the success of our childrens’ academic development. His commitment and dedication has paid huge dividends to them on this wondrous journey they are undertaking.


I am so grateful for Sean’s expert guidance as my daughter navigated her way through high school and on to college. He took the time to really get to know and understand my daughter and supported her in finding a life balance that truly reflects her personality and values. He also provided a valuable sounding board for us as we dealt with some very challenging issues including both of my parents’ deaths, screen addiction and procrastination. As a single parent I am eternally grateful to have had another adult on our team to help [my daughter] discover who she is, her unique gifts and her own priorities.


I am not sure if [my son] shared [his acceptance] with you yet, so if he didn’t, please act surprised when he does. But I am in Prague sitting in my hotel room overcome with joy and pride–tears running down my face because this is where [he] REALLY REALLY wanted to go. And the fact that he got in is a direct result of your work with him. [My wife] and I want you to know how much this means to us and how much we thank and honor you and your work with our son. THANK YOU.


My daughter, and I had the opportunity to work with Sean to assist us with identifying colleges that would meet her educational, emotional and social needs. I have to admit that in the beginning I was a little hesitant and doubtful that our time and money would be well spent, however, my concerns were immediately put at ease during the first few minutes of our initial meeting. Sean was professional, knowledgeable and personable. Along with these attributes, there were several other things that impressed me about Sean.


High School Graduates

Sean’s guidance has been priceless! Sean adeptly held me accountable through the myriad parts of the college application process. At the beginning he helped verbalize what I valued in education. By the end of the process, he set the stage for me to seize the transition into college as a chance to better myself scholastically and mentally. My eventual school was in the first two of fifteen institutions Sean had me research, which shows how accurately he can gauge students. My biggest regret from the process was not starting with Sean even earlier. The most essential element Sean provided was peace of mind. Knowing that no step of the application process is unknowingly neglected relieves an enormous burden.


It has been a crazy journey. From the moment you told me that you would be willing to help me, I have felt blessed to be a part of your work. You have helped me grow so much and made it possible for me to understand where I am going. I never would have found [my college] without you, and I am so incredibly excited for that future. You have helped me learn that it’s okay to trip and fall as long as you get back up and keep going. School has and will always be a big part of me, but you taught me that it does not control me. From learning how to research schools to how to apply for scholarships, you have truly shaped my school experience to be the best it can be. Thank you so much for everything. It means the world that you believe in me.


I liked how much easier the decision was in the end because everything you had us do and think about made me realize what I really wanted in a school. I am very bad at making decisions, so I was prepared to be having a mental breakdown the night before decision day trying to somehow make a decision between schools but thanks to you and your process that was not the case!! Some of my friends who did not have guidance from you struggled until the end trying to figure out what they wanted with things that I figured out from the beginning like whether they wanted a big or small school. You do a very good job individualizing aspects of the process for different students as I know some of my friends who meet with you and I are very different and the conversations that I’ve had with them reflect those differences which is very helpful. Having deadlines was also extremely beneficial to me especially the ones for teacher recommendations because all of my teachers expressed their gratitude for how early I asked them to write me a letter. The new software was also a very nice way to keep everything organized and in one place. 


Through my years with Sean, I have had many ups and downs and there have been a number of times where my plans have turned around. Throughout everything, including bad grades, pleasant surprises, and the sudden decision to move across the country for college, Sean has been there and had the ability to completely shift his focus to match what I wanted to do. This experience has been completely tailored to me and what I want to do with my life. Having Sean alongside me has made me much more organized and prepared for not just college, but life past college as well. Sean is an excellent person to help guide anyone through this process of going to college as he is very understanding and easy to talk with due to his vast experience in this space. The amount of knowledge and help I have received has been invaluable. 


With Sean’s help, I took full advantage of my senior year, something that I had not done during my other years of high school. His guidance this past year has been much more than help me get an acceptance letter from one of my top schools, however. I grew on a much more profound level as well. As I finish my senior year, I am now able to take pride in my newfound ambition and assertiveness, qualities which have helped me take responsibility for past mistakes, initiative in my education, and control of my future. I will forever be indebted to Sean not only for the goals he helped me achieve, but the person he helped me become.


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As an Independent Educational Consultant, my principal mission is to help students plan their high school curriculum, progress through the college application process, and navigate their college journey through graduation. - Sean P. Hawes